Indecision Study

formerly known as Futility Study (ceci n'est pas une photo) 

Since this year is the last year I will be allowed to enter Sasol New Signatures, I figured I should do something  have never tried before and probably will never do again...


Everytime I see a photorealistic artwork, I think, "I could do that if I had the time and patience, and if I simply had the will". I am also fascinated by people's reactions when they see a photograph, with the description "This is not a photograph!" and realise it is in fact a painting.

I thiiiink should be able to make a painting that can be mistaken for a photograph, but I will surely be humbled if I fail.

I personally hate being that analytical about a painting, measuring things out, making grids, matching colours and endlessly blending, but I am going to try to endure it. I am basically doing everything the opposite way I would normally do it.

and I am making a thing about it.


Selecting the right image took about a week.


I don't know whether this will be useful, but i made it (in MS Paint). With photorealism, you can never do too much, I noticed.
Now I need to go buy professional painter's palettes. Ice cream tub lids and tiles won't cut it for this. 

Futility Study is now called "Indecision Study"

Other possible titles were considered more or less in the following order:

Futility study, Futile utility, Utile futility, Markless utopia , Ceci n'est pas une photo , This is not a photograph, This is obviously not a photograph, This is not enough of a photograph nor a painting, Realism test, Gridlike chaos, Chaotic framework, Premeditated Spontaneity, Assiduous discontinuation, Termination hesitation, Forgone entropy, Desperate capitulation and Indecisiveness study.

I remained indecisive and adequately unfulfilled.

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  1. Hello Heidi, I absolutely love your work - that is, all except for the photorealism. You have such a wonderful fluid way with paint, just makes me want to eat it. Taming it in this way somehow doesn't do your work justice. At least I don't think so. But, you decide. Another thing, how on earth do you manage to keep your colours so clean? It looks like you're painting wet-on-wet (?) but somehow I always end up with mud. Anyhow, much success!!! Margo Schopf