Friday, 19 September 2014

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Cumulopestis pigmentus (Sasol New Signatures finalist)

cumulo/cumulus (Latin) – to heap, surplus
pestis (Latin) – destruction
pigmentum (Latin) - pigment

A Cumulopestis pigmentus cloud is a dark, gritty cloud, formed by the build-up and wiping of dark matter, composed of oil and pigment as opposed to water and air.

The act of painting is a continuous and exasperating cycle of forming and destroying, adding and removing, building and erasing, accumulation and evaporation. It is the heaping of pigments and the foreseeable destruction thereof.

Palming (series I)

These are visual interpretations of my virtual travels or palm tree hunting sessions on Google Earth. I visit and explore distant locations, “walking” around until I find a palm tree (commonly associated with exoticness, extravagance and escape) retaining and emphasizing the distortions or digital artefacts present in the computer stitched version of reality. I couple these “travel snapshots” with subtitles, appropriated from A Handbook of Travel-talk by J Murray, 1871.