Monday, 2 June 2014

Small Changes (Animated GIFS) - Please be patient while loading

Small Changes is a series of small paintings which, when shown consecutively, creates moving instances of extreme close-ups of a swimming pool. When fragmented, the differences between frames are not easily discerned, but the gradual metamorphosis become visible when animated. The viewer is enabled to mentally fill the gaps as the paintings reel on the screen, as well as perceive the sleight of hand of the painter, where differences are too discordant.

A domestic swimming pool, along with its creepy crawly is an eminent signifier of the South African middle class. Its environment is completely controlled, monitored and artificial. Its biological activity is carefully regulated by the rhythmic pulsation of the pump, which forms perpetual artificial waves on the water’s surface, which then musically distorts the perfectly patterned mosaic perimeters.

Small changes hypnotically uncovers the progression of time in the quiet corners of the world, where nothing particularly noteworthy happens, the spaces that we humans have completely under control and suited to our covetous needs, and the to and fro cycling between blue and green, alive and sterile and light and dark.

(This work (49 paintings framed together + mp4 video) is still available at Lizamore and Associates Gallery - 011 880 8802)